Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A New Perspective

            The past few weeks have been full of many discussions – none of which had a black and white answer. It’s great to being a group with others who struggle with the same questions as I do. We’re exploring the roots of all of this injustice, asking how we can be the hands and feet of Christ to help those suffering. What role has the Methodist church had in alleviating this suffering, and is it enough? We’re pushing through ideas like how to relate the gospel to those of other religions without imposing or disrespecting. We’re working through the power structures of our communities…how they are shaped by class, race, gender, and politics?
            The more we discuss these issues, the more I see how imperfect this world is and how much we need hope. I think about what I’m about to do in Ecuador, engaging indigenous populations, empowering women, and teaching truth to children. And I wonder, how will I make a difference? How can each of us mission interns change the world, the systems of power that affect it, and the way people think in just 3 years? The answer is one step at a time, with the help of God. We are not doing this alone. We are working alongside the Lord to fulfill his mission of love and justice. This is true redemption. What I do in the small community of Romerillos may not be published in a magazine or revolutionize society, but maybe, just maybe, it will impact’s someone’s life.
            Each of us has this power. Through our words and actions, to be witnesses to the light. To put our faith into action. All cultures need transformation. We all have the unique opportunity to be a part of it.