Thank you for taking the time to read my blog! Here you will find not only reflections on my day-to-day work as a United Methodist missionary, but also stories and thoughts on my daily walk with God, and hopefully some ideas that challenge you to become more like Christ as well.  

As a Young Adult Missionary (YAM), part of my job in helping the church to continue sending out missionaries all over the world to do God's work, is to raise support. You can support me in one of two ways (or both!): prayerfully and financially.

Prayer support:

Please pray for myself and my fellow young adult missionaries in their placements in their home countries. Specific areas for prayer:
  • Alabama Rural Ministry, as we swing full gear into our fall and winter ministry of home repair and educating young people on missions and poverty
  • ARM's vision for our future ministry and opportunities for growth
  • My looming decision of what is to come after July 2015 and specifically for God's guidance in this coming new season of my life
Financial support:

You can make a donation to support my ministry through the Advance, the accountable giving arm of the UMC, by clicking the Give Now link from my bio page at You can also click the Support me in Missions! link on my homepage. All donations made to my name through the Advance go directly to support the Generation Transformation program. These donations cover program expenses such as training, transportation, missionary stipends, etc.

I do send out periodic newsletters (although I've been bad about it since being back in the U.S.!), so if you are interested in being added to my mailing list, please send me a message.


Mailing address:
Rebecca Dean
1617 Lee Rd. 12
Lot 113, Swans 1
Auburn, Alabama 36832


  1. Rebecca,
    The Arlington UMW would love to receive your monthly updates. You can send it to my email and I will share with them:

  2. Hi Kathy! I will definitely add you to my email list, although recently I haven't been doing monthly newsletters, just the biweekly blog posts. Blessings, and thank you for your support!