Monday, May 30, 2011

Top Ten

Top Ten Things I Miss about Holland, Michigan:

10. Running on flat sidewalks and with a friend.
9. Walking through campus in February after a huge snowfall - winter wonderland!
8. Being able to drive to the beach in 10 minutes.
7. Buying delicious and cheap fresh veggies at the Farmer's Market.
6. Eating the best soft-serve ice cream concoctions around at Captain Sundae's.
5. Watching black squirrels and their odd behavior daily.
4. Going for a study-break run of Good Times Donuts and Lemonjello's lattes during exam week at midnight.
3. Playing random games of Risk and Settlers of Catan late at night.
2. Attending chapel worship services 4 times a week.
1. Hanging out with friends who lived practically next door and were always in the mood for fun!

Top Ten Things I Cannot Wait for in San Jose, Costa Rica: 

10. The laid-back culture and sense of time.
9. The diversity of plants and animals as well as cultures.
8. Experiencing new foods.
7. Meeting new people from different countries.
6. Warm weather - though a bit humid, perhaps.
5. Backpacking through the countryside.
4. Seeing firsthand the gorgeous rainforests.
3. Growing spiritually in my walk with the Lord.
2. Immersing myself in the Spanish culture and language.
1. Learning how to share Christ with people through missionary outreach.

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  1. We made number one from Hope! Also you can grow spiritualy anywhere querida :)