Wednesday, August 17, 2011


      Before I came to Costa Rica I was determined to do one thing while here: go zip-lining to see the beautiful rainforest here. And last weekend I did just that! A group of us went on a canopy tour and whitewater rafting in a town called Sarapiqui about two hours away from San Jose. It was my first time zip-ling and it was incredible! As I soared across the cable, taking in all the huge trees, bright green surrounding me, my heart was happy. I know that I am in this incredible country for a reason. And whitewater rafting was a blast! One of the commands our guide used was “adelante” which means “forward”. I felt like I was in an Indiana Jones movie with all the vines and thick trees around us. At one point we saw the most beautiful butterfly I have ever seen – it was iridescent blue on one side and bright neon yellow on the other. About halfway through we stopped at a small cliff to jump into the deep water. The beauty of God’s creation is beyond words. 
      During this past week God revealed so much to me through our theme of relationships. One of the base directors here, Mar, was our teacher for the week. She brought us so much wisdom and encouragement about relationships with family and friends, as well as romantic relationships. She talked a lot about God’s intentions for relationships: that they would be glorifying to him. I have realized this week that not only does God create relationships to bring us closer to his heart, but to allow us to experience the love with the Trinity – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The fullest way for us to experience this love is in marriage. At the center of a marriage should be God, leading the way.
      I had the opportunity this week to practice translating some in our small groups. Every Friday afternoon the girls in our DTS meet to talk about how we’re processing everything and reflecting on the week. When we met this week we spoke all in Spanish. It was interesting because of our varying levels of knowing the language, but really encouraging to see everyone try to express themselves in Spanish. I had the opportunity to practice translating along with another girl in our group. It’s much easier to translate from Spanish to English because I can convey my feelings better in English. However, later that night I also got to practice translating from English to Spanish. We had a prayer meeting regarding raising the finances for the outreach. After a time of individual prayer, everyone came back together to share thoughts and ideas. Most of the students in our group are English speakers, so I had to translate what they were saying into Spanish. It was definitely challenging at times to find the right words, but it was exciting. The more I practice the more confident I will become. J
      We found out more details about outreach this week. We’re going to be traveling all around Costa Rica throughout the two months, going to about 10 different cities and towns. Our leaders showed us on a map where we’ll be going. In each location our ministry will be a bit different. For example, in one place we’ll be working with orphans (yay!), in another we’ll be ministering to prostitutes who were most likely trafficked, in one city we’re going to do a couple days of intense prayer and intercession, and in some places we’ll be mainly working with churches. It will be good to experience a variety of different types of work throughout this adventure of spreading God’s love in this beautiful country. To prepare for this time we’ve been practicing dramas and songs that we can perform in churches or on the street. It’s awesome to see how each of us will have the chance to use our individual skills and talents to bless the people we encounter.
      Ending this week was a fun variety show fundraiser for one of the students here. Many of the students from my class showed off their talents – juggling, comedy, jokes, and singing. I was part of a dance group that danced to the song Africa by Shakira (the World Cup theme song). Two of the girls from my class choreographed the dance, combining African dance moves with their own creative combinations. Sooo much fun!! I am attaching the video of our dance. Here is a link to the video of our dance:
Until next time!
**Bible verse: “He has showed you, oh man, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God.” Micah 6:8
**Spanish word of the day: remar = to paddle

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