Sunday, April 8, 2012

Again. Otra Vez.

Here I am. Again. At the YWAM base. Sometimes it feels like I never left. Thought it’s been four months – four long, difficult, but good months – I am back. And it’s amazing how quickly I can adjust to life at the base again. The friendly atmosphere, the familiar faces, the delicious food, the sense of community in this place makes it feel like home again. It’s strange because things have changed. There are always new people and new programs going on. Yet there is a sense of renewal. Being in this loving community again makes me so happy.

Again I share a room, a bunk, and a bathroom with other girls. Again I eat meals of rice and beans with 50 other people. Again I study and worship with this family. Again I am here to learn. Again I am here to serve.

Since being home, I have often pondered the significance of change on our lives. Change can be a very difficult thing, even painful at times. But change can also heal and renew our spirits. To be somewhere new, to experience different things, to meet new people. It helps us to grow. If all we ever did was to sit at home or work at the same dreary job, we wouldn’t be pushed out of our comfort zones. For me change can be scary at first. Usually it takes me a few days to adjust to a new environment, even if it is again. Then as I get used to the way of life there I settle in and am able to enjoy where I’m at.

God calls us to many different places throughout our lives. It’s easy to be discontent and always be anticipating the next journey. Right now I’m learning to focus on the present. I don’t want these three months to pass by without me enjoying them and soaking it all in. No matter where I’m going next, right now I’m here. And I intend to be fully present here, in Costa Rica studying the Bible. It’s a fresh start – and it’s going to be wonderful! Pura vida!

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  1. I'm so glad you have the opportunity to be "fully present". That is so important! Love you!