Monday, December 10, 2012

Baby, it's Cold Outside!

It’s three weeks until Christmas, and I’m living 15 miles from a beautiful snow-capped volcano. I think that this maybe makes up for not having actual snow on the ground. Besides, if we did have snow here, everyone would freeze to death because there is no indoor heating. Brrr!!

Volcán Cotopaxi, 2nd highest volcano in Ecuador

I’m feeling the Christmas spirit today because yesterday I put on some holiday music while decorating my Christmas tree – that’s right, I have a mini-Christmas tree, courtesy of my wonderful mother and her co-workers at the library! It just made my day opening up the package to find Christmas decorations for my house and fun holiday crafts for the kids here. It was perfect! I know you don’t need all the shimmer and shine to celebrate the reason for the season, but it takes away a little of the homesickness. And makes my home more cheerful! Here in Ecuador, it’s difficult to find good materials for kids’ projects (crafts, games, etc.) at an affordable price. I am so thankful to have these fun activities (and stickers!!) for the kids in this church. They will love it!

As I sit at my kitchen table writing this, I am bundled up in a fleece sweater, thick socks, and a winter hat. It’s kind of nice being all cozy indoors, and it makes me appreciate even more the luxury we have in the U.S. of enjoying warm homes all winter long. Throughout these few days I’ve learned that most people wear several layers all the time: leggings under pants, two pairs of socks, multiple shirts/sweaters, etc. And it’s not an uncommon sight to see people walking around with a fleece blanket wrapped around their shoulders.

Despite being accustomed to the climate, everyone here is very concerned about my health. They are considerate when we have activities outdoors, saying, “We should finish soon so Becky won’t freeze!” or offering me their extra blanket. I am very appreciative of the motherly love I’ve been shown here in Romerillos. The cariñoso spirit of Ecuadorians is something I will not easily forget.

Here are some photos of my new apartment:

Prayers for warmth and strength would be welcomed. Oh, and if you want to, send me an extra sweater or pair of wool socks for Christmas. :)

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  1. Your apartment looks nice and your bedroom is the same colour (color!) as mine!! Take care, especially in the cold weather.