Friday, April 19, 2013

Family of Faith

About a month ago, my mother and grandmother came to visit me in Ecuador. They were able to meet the people in my church, get to know my little community here, and learn a bit about Ecuadorian culture. Many of their reactions to different aspects of life here reminded me of my own thoughts and questions upon first arriving. I realized that I now have a confidence and sense of comfort with the ways things work here.

At La Mosaica, a restaurant with a spectacular view of Quito

Throughout the their time here, we not only took some touristy trips, but almost every day we met up with some of my friends or co-workers here. I was so happy to introduce my family to the people I have spent my time with and who have taken care of me here. And my mom and grandma were so gracious and polite despite the language barrier. 

Eating Columbian food with my friends from Columbia and Nigeria

The Sunday they visited my church in Romerillos, Pastora Blanca preached on the verse in 2 Timothy 1:5 that refers to the faith that Paul saw in Timothy but came from his grandmother Lois and mother Eunice. It touched me that she used that verse, as I had never thought much about it before. But how applicable it is to my own situation. Both my grandmother and mother planted in me seeds of faith since I was young. They not only encouraged me to attend church on Sundays, but also set an example for me of sincere faith: a desire to read the Bible, a habit of daily prayer, active participation in church and community groups. If I had not had this loving Christian upbringing, I do not know where I would be today.

With my church family in Romerillos

So, thank you, Mom and Grandma, two wonderful examples of strong, confident, and loving women of faith who have inspired me for years and helped me decide to work in the mission field during this chapter of my life. :)

El Boliche National Park, home of my beloved Cotopaxi
Lovely ladies posing at the equator

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  1. I will always remember how kind and loving the people we met were!