Friday, September 13, 2013

Time with the Guys

About a month ago, my dad and brother came to see me. And I've been so busy ever since, I haven't been able to tell you about it! During their time here, which was just a little over one week, they got to see many diverse and beautiful parts of Ecuador.

The first few days, we stayed in Romerillos in my apartment and helped out with a mission team that was working with a Methodist church in Pastocalle. I mainly worked with the Vacation Bible School while Harry and Dad did some construction work on the new school.

On Saturday, we finally did something I've been waiting to do ever since I arrived in Ecuador.....climbing Cotopaxi!! This snow-capped volcano is the second-highest in Ecuador, and only about 45 minutes from my town (although based on the view it looks a lot closer). About 12 people from the church took the journey with us, hiking up to the snow.

Following a lovely service in Pastocalle on Sunday, we traveled to Quito. There we saw some of the city...

We took a day-trip to Mindo, a humid jungle town (that's not really in the jungle) famous for its butterflies and the ancient quetzal bird. 

Another day we went to Papallacta, a well-known town for its natural hot springs. My friend Chika came along with us. 

I superbly enjoyed the time I had with the two Harry's! It's always fun experiencing Ecuador again through a newcomer's eyes. Now they just need to work on their Spanish so I don't have to translate for them next time! :p

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  1. Hey, it looks like you balanced the egg, good for you! Out of all of us, Fa was the only one who succeeded.