Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Giving Day

Just a quick note for today (I promise a more detailed post is coming soon!).

Today is Giving Tuesday!! This means that every donation made to an Advance project (United Methodist ministry) will be doubled, ONLY TODAY!! Please consider supporting ministries of the United Methodist Church during this giving season of Advent and Christmas. Here are a few of the projects I would encourage you to support:

Children's Ministries in Ecuador. Donations to this account support children's programs in the various Methodist churches in the country, specifically attending to the needs of at-risk children and teenagers. Advance #: 3021530


Rebecca Dean. Donations made in my name go to support the Young Adult Missionary Program, and cover costs such as travel, monthly stipend, rent, etc. which enable us to actively participate in ministry in our various placements around the world (mine is in Ecuador). Advance #: 3021501


Pastoral Support in Ecuador. Donations to this account help provide a living wage for local Methodist pastors. Many of the pastors in Ecuador currently do not receive a sufficient income and rely on other means to support their families. Advance #: 3021092


Thank you so much for your continued support of my ministry in Ecuador. We want to see the Methodist Church here grow in many ways, and you can be a part of helping that happen! Please pray about how you can give on this special day. May the Lord guide you during this Advent season, and may your homes be overflowing with blessings. Peace and joy.

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