Sunday, October 5, 2014

Reblogged: Advocating for Alabamians

The following post is a blog I wrote for ARM's website a few days ago, sharing about my participation in the annual Alabama Arise meeting a week ago. 

Did you know?
  • Alabama is one of only 4 states with no state-level minimum wage?
Did you know?
  • Payday lenders in Alabama can charge up to 456% interest on loans?
Did you know?
  • Annual electricity costs in Alabama were the 2nd highest in the nation in 2011?
Did you know?
  • Alabama currently has a shortage of about 90,000 housing units?
At the Arise Citizens’ Policy Project meeting last Saturday in Montgomery, we voted to make “Dedicated Revenue for the Alabama Housing Trust Fund” a priority in legislation for 2015. Lobbyists will try to get a bill passed that will provide $20 million per year to create and rehabilitate homes for those in need. We also voted to support a bill that would cap payday loans at 36% statewide. These, among many other concerns, are issues that Alabama Arise addresses in their work with legislators, in order to improve the lives of low-income Alabamians.

Arise Citizens’ Policy Project is a coalition of non-profit organizations, churches, and individuals in Alabama that advocates for the poor by promoting legislation that benefits low-income families and individuals statewide. The issues that ACPP focuses on include improving public housing, reducing loan interest fees, raising the minimum wage, reducing utility costs, and prison reform. ACPP uses lobbyists to educate Senators and Representatives on these important issues that affect Alabamians. ACPP is a sister organization to Arise Alabama, an advocacy organization with the same goals and members.

Alabama Rural Ministry is proud to call itself a member of Alabama Arise. Much of our work with families living in rural areas addresses these same issues of poverty: lack of ideal housing and economic resources. It is our hope that through our work of repairing homes, building relationships, and providing children with safe and enriching educational opportunities, we can take an active role in combating poverty in Alabama.

It was such a privilege to attend the ACCP meeting and to witness the dedication of this organization to champion basic human rights for all Alabamians. I am inspired to do more in my community and my work here, so that together we might achieve this goal.


  1. Becky,

    Thanks so much for your support and we hope that we can count on you in 2015 to advocate with us in Montgomery! Please tell Lisa I said hello!

    Ashley Kerr

    1. Ashley, thanks for your comment! I am definitely looking forward to getting more involved with Alabama Arise, and hope to attend the regional meetings in 2015. :)